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Archeology & History


A 20x26' documentary series. How did the Rapa Nui people disappear? Is South Africa the cradle of Humankind? What is the secret behind the Nazca Lines? Around the world, archeologists are trying to shed light on the great enigmas of ­history. One of them, Peter Eeckhout, travels to meet his colleagues, unpacks their research, and reveals their latest findings...

Maritime Mysteries, Case closed

Major maritime disasters of the century, vessels that disappear mysteriously, suspicious fires… so many cases of naval and maritime enigmas that were considered closed. And yet, recent underwater archaeological discoveries, in combination with the emergence of new archives, are re-opening the investigations and bringing some dark secrets of the abyss back to the surface. And this collection takes us down the trail of these maritime mysteries. In the light of these discoveries, history is gradually being rewritten. Each film follows the trail of some new, exciting inquiry… to finally reveal the secrets and the mysteries! From the waters of the Mediterranean...

Heritage & enigmas of the marine world

Submerged cities, war treasures, old trading posts, wrecks of ships, pirate lairs... the marine and submarine world is awash with fascinating stories and legends that still ignite passion and controversy from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean, by way of the shores of the Mediterranean or the depths of the Red Sea. Did Atlantis really exist as some people claim ? What has become of Saint-Exupéry’s plane and its pilot ? Where are the gold bars from “Rommel’s Treasure” that have never been found ? Presented in the form of an investigation, backed up by 3D reconstruction, exceptional aeral images, archive and news footage, “Heritage and Enigmas of the Marine...

SOS Vessel in Distress!

SOS is the ultimate cry for help from a vessel in distress… Naval ships, supposedly unsinkable ships, abandoned crews, ecological disasters, unexplained disappearances, abysses and wrecks still hold many a mystery within their bosoms… Years later, investigations are reopened with the discovery of fresh elements. Thanks to the latest investigatory technology and with the help of the finest archeologists, historians and naval engineers, investigators will decode the circumstances behind these disasters and finally reveal their true stories… UPCOMING JUNE 2018