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Length: 83'
Directors: Eric Drath
Producer: Live Star Entertainment
Coproducers: HBO
Language: French & English
Format: HD
Country of Production: Usa
Copyright: 2009
Assault in the ring

“ASSAULT IN THE RING” chronicles the life of boxer Luis Resto 24 years after the scandal that changed his life forever. Resto fulfilled a boxer’s dream in 1983 when he was able to conquer the previously undefeated Billy Collins Jr. in front of a capacity crowd at Madison Square Garden. But Resto’s post-fight victory celebration proved fleeting, amongst allegations that padding had previously been removed from his gloves. The Resto-Collins scandal vilified Resto’s reputation and ultimately sent the badly-beaten Collins to a tragic end. The film examines new evidence about this boxing match turned 30-minute assault, and reveals much more about the pre-fight activities of Luis Resto, his trainer Panama Lewis and the athletic commission representatives.







Assault in the Ring” won the EMMY for Outstanding Sports Documentary last April 26th 2010 at the 31st Annual Sports Emmy Awards in New York City.