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Length: 86'
Directors: Tommy Pascal
Producer: Les Films Jack Fébus
Coproducers: ARTE
Language: Live
Format: HD
Country of Production: France
Copyright: 2015

Subject to the dictates of modern beauty and traditional taboos – when not reduced to violent expression or starvation – the body of the African man is stigmatized. In an attempt to free him from his complexes, transgressive choreographer Robyn Orlin and eight dancers from the Ecole des Sables place the body back at the center of the debate. A dance via deritualized rituals that eschews all exoticism to reach the political…

Since her first successes in the mid 1990s, working to serve performers has been one of the major principles of Robyn Orlin’s work. Adept at performance theater and a champion of interactivity, she highlights the individuality of characters and cultures. Her preferred themes are directly related to the tragedies that have swept and continue to occur in her country of South Africa (Apartheid, AIDS) by using a form of dance that is extremely theatrical and by employing video.


Creation and choreography by Robyn Orlin

Cie Jant-Bi / Germaine Acogny



Hans Peter Diop Ibaghino,

Khalifa Ababacar Top

Adelinou Dasylva,

Tchébé Bertrand Saky

Claude Marius Gomis

Aliou Ndoye

Mamadou Baldé

Mohamed Abdoulaye Kane