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Jacques Prévert, unexpected words

We take a tour of Paris, his city “full of little towns”, the city of his life, to (re)discover Jacques Prévert. In each place we visit, images appear, words and music echo, past presences come back to life. Paris reveals itself as the enchanted backdrop, a veritable storyboard of a whole life! In a film that is innovative, atypical and explosive and which tries to live up to the man who wrote Paroles/Words, Jacques Prévert, that “famous unknown man” emerges as an author of genius, in turn a writer, filmmaker and songwriter.

Pierre Christin - Time-Space

2017 will see a double celebration: fifty years of Valérian et Laureline, the cult comic strip by Pierre Christin, and the release of the film adapted from their adventures by Luc Besson, a huge fan of the two hero space-time agents. Tardi, Bilal, Mézières, Goetzinger, Juillard… All these great illustrators would not be what they are without Pierre Christin, scriptwriter and indefatigable worker in the shadows. The writer took inspiration from current events, the rubble of Communism, cyber criminality and conflicts of interest to invent frightening or funny, and sometimes visionary, worlds. He also founded the Bordeaux school of journalism, where he...