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Mussels on the rack

France has lost nearly 20% of its mussel production¾10,000 tonnes, representing a loss of 20 million Euros. An unprecedented mortality rate. So, how do you explain such a disaster? The Iframer cites climatic causes! But the people in the industry don’t believe that and lay the blame on water pollution. Elsewhere in Europe they breed mussels in a different way. We go to Holland, where 80 million tonnes of mussels are sold every year. Mussels that are then auctioned at the fish market in Yerseke. A practice that is unique in the world! Upcoming MAY 2016


On March 11 2011, after a magnitude 9 earthquake, a giant tsunami destroyed most of the north eastern japanese coast, killing almost 20,000 people. But the natural disaster also killed the japanese's people trust in their government and institutions. A few days after the tsunami, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station, crippled by the giant wave, started to explode. A terrible and highly radioactive nuclear cloud was released in the atmosphere. But three years after the disaster, the scary truth surfaces little by little.. And the world biggest fears have become reality. A study is showing that more and more fukushima kids have grown thyroid cysts and...

When Arabs danced

A fundamentalist hates life. For him, it presents temptation, a moving away from God and a loss of time before the celestial paradise with its rivers flowing with milk of eternal taste, its streams of wine, its delights and its virgins. Life is the product of disobedience and this disobedience is the work of the ARTIST. The fundamentalist resents the artist, who gives life to matter and leads pure souls away from paradise with sick ideas, a devilish drawing, a bewitching song or an evil dance… The artist is, therefor, the devil and in order to be able to kill him, the fundamentalist labels him the enemy of Allah. Formerly carefree, the Arab-Muslim world has...

Tracking Zika

Zika: this rather cute little name is that of a forest in Uganda where the virus of the same name was first identified in 1947. Since 2013, Zika, until then virtually forgotten at the far end of the world, has suddenly been in the glare of the spotlights. The overseas territories, and in particular the islands, which have a fundamental role to play, host us for a journey into the heart of this difficult combat.

Inside IS- German version

Jürgen Todenhöfer was the first and only Western reporter to enter IS territory and come out alive. After 10 days inside IS with his son, they returned with their heads in place, many stories to tell and the -mostly unreleased- footage of their journey. A year later the book on their trip is a major best seller and much has happened from the European perspective, as terrorists from the EU have killed many innocent people in the name of IS. In Paris, the place of the attacks that left 130 dead, Dr Jürgen narrates his journey to Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, a leading American Muslim scholar who helps him understand the group, providing a voice of sanity from a...