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Cape Beaches

There’s the beach frequented by the black population, Mombawisi Beach, near the township of Khayelitsha, where a joyous crowd throngs on summer weekends despite the drownings in the waves and currents. There’s the Muizemberg beach where, early in the morning, amidst the joggers, the walkers and the surfers, bold fishermen of mixed race try to catch the shoals of fish that spawn off shore. Further east, around Hermanus, there are long, rocky stretches of sand, now the territory for poachers and gangs greedy for the abalone with its lucrative black-market trade. And to the west, there’s the Diamond Coast, which remains wild, exposed to the chilly currents of...

The passage

The Yucatan. A tiny corner of the world bathed by the oceans. A land of crystal clear waters and dense jungle linked by hitherto unexplored subterranean networks. The cradle of the Mayan civilisation and the point of impact of the Chicxulub meteorite, which is said to be the cause of the disappearance of the dinosaurs. To explore this land so steeped in history and discover its secrets: one man. The body of an athlete. An intense, hybrid character, with powers of adaptation beyond the norm: Guillaume Nery. Five times world champion for constant weight free diving. Astride the frontier of environments, half-man, half-fish, moving with equal delight over land...

The Adventurers of the upper Mekong

On the upper Mekong between Vientiane, the capital, and the Chinese border, a thousand miles of eddies and rapids punctuate the stream. A thousand kilometres of history too, because it is thereabouts in the middle of somewhere or other, 40 meters deep, that a treasure is supposed to be buried: the treasure of the legendary French ship Lagrandière - a gunboat sent to explore the country in the 19th century. Christophe Cousin has set off up the river, hunting for a golden Buddha. A trip in the footsteps of the adventurers of yesterday to meet those of today. In places there are only a few inches of water in the Mekong. The boats wait on the sandbanks. One day,...

Hawaïki Nui Va'a

This is the story of a handful of islands in the middle of the South Pacific. Men of God arrived here in pirogues more than 5,000 years ago. In memory to those times, the Polynesians have created a pirogue race linking together 4 islands in the Leeward Islands archipelago. 130 km to get to Bora Bora, three days’ racing, 2,500 oarsmen. This is the race of all superlatives, the hardest, the most dreaded, the finest. It is called the Hawaiki Nui Va’a. It is the world’s toughest marathon.

Alexandra Cousteau faces the sharks

Polynesia, in search of sharks… Alexandra Cousteau takes us to a dream destination. In this paradise on Earth more than anywhere else, urgent action is needed to save sharks, as they are crucial links in the marine ecosystem. With Alexandra our ambition is to measure the scale of the damage done but also put the spotlight on the people who are taking action and to look at solutions for the future.