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Hawaïki Nui Va'a

This is the story of a handful of islands in the middle of the South Pacific. Men of God arrived here in pirogues more than 5,000 years ago. In memory to those times, the Polynesians have created a pirogue race linking together 4 islands in the Leeward Islands archipelago. 130 km to get to Bora Bora, three days’ racing, 2,500 oarsmen. This is the race of all superlatives, the hardest, the most dreaded, the finest. It is called the Hawaiki Nui Va’a. It is the world’s toughest marathon.

Alexandra Cousteau faces the sharks

Polynesia, in search of sharks… Alexandra Cousteau takes us to a dream destination. In this paradise on Earth more than anywhere else, urgent action is needed to save sharks, as they are crucial links in the marine ecosystem. With Alexandra our ambition is to measure the scale of the damage done but also put the spotlight on the people who are taking action and to look at solutions for the future.

Vahines, from myth to reality

Vahinés, from myth to reality… She is beautiful and exotic. For more than two centuries she has inspired artists, poets, travellers and filmmakers. She is half real, half mythical. She is a pure male fantasy, a slogan for paradise… But does Vahiné really exist? In days gone by and today, who is she?

Naître à la Réunion

A la Réunion, à 10000 kilomètres de l’Europe, le progrès médical est arrivé avec quelques années de retard. La Réunion comme terre de traditions, était, il y a encore 40 ans un lieu où l’on accouchait à la maison, un lieu où la famille était constituée de 8 voir 10 enfants… En quelques décennies, les pratiques d’accouchement sur l’ile ont été complètement bouleversées… Aujourd’hui, l’ile de la Réunion a vu son taux de natalité explosé... 14000 bébés naissent chaque année sur l’ile. L’occidentalisation progresse et les familles se réduisent à l’image des sociétés modernes. Avec les progrès de la médecine et les avancés technologiques… le niveau...

Underground wonders of France

There’s another world just a few meters under the ground: a world of rocks carved by time and the humidity of the deep. France is one of the world’s leading countries in underground tourism. The land that bred Jules Verne and his “Journey to the Center of the Earth” possesses hundreds of caves, caverns and other sinkholes, all open to the public. Miracles of nature, whose renown goes far beyond the borders of France. This film is an introduction to the owners of these treasures “six feet under” and it shows how they manage these unusual businesses. Using original technical means, we delve into the bowels of the earth to follow the work of those devotees...