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Tahiti, a mountain in the sea

Worthy descendants of the first explorers of these islands at the end of the world, they are firefighters, woodcutters, nature guides and hunters with the bow. They make up a veritable family within the GPI… the Group Polyvalent d’Intervention [Multitask Intervention Group]. They are experts in extreme environments and the passion for nature and the mountain runs through their very core. Exploring canyons, descending the highest waterfalls in Polynesia… saving lives… going where others dare not go… that is their daily round.

The lovers of the lagoon

For all those who love the tropical seas, the New Caledonia lagoon is Nirvana. For the largest lagoon on the planet is also the most beautiful. A UNESCO world heritage listed site, the Caledonian lagoon owes its dazzling health to an extremely low pressure of human presence. That’s because the vast territory of Caledonia (the main island is 400 km long) has only 250,000 inhabitants. As a result the lagoon offers huge, totally virgin spaces. A veritable inland sea, the blue Caledonian jewel case contains a host of habitats and ecosystems: islets, sand bars, sunken reefs, mangroves, etc.… oases of marine life that teem with species and provide a fabulous...


Every morning in France, millions of people settle into a comfortable office routine, meanwhile there are others who climb hundreds of meters off the ground for a living. They are builders and window cleaners. Ten thousand workers suspended in the air like acrobats. They are called "rope access technicians” because their life is hanging by a thread. A rope that is only a few inches in circumference allows them to climb the highest buildings and still connects them to life on the ground. In the void, danger is omnipresent; any careless mistake can be fatal. Join us as we climb up to meet these workers of the extreme.

The Taiwan Mounties

On horseback in one of the most urban of the world’s great cities, the New Taipei City mounted police force is in charge of tourist security. This prestige unit, created in Taiwan in 2003 with a few club horses, has rapidly become the pride of the population. The brigade of passionate riders, all volunteer policemen, provides a high-profile presence in the city centre. And what better ambassador than a horse for a police force that has been completely transformed since the country’s peaceful transition to democracy in the 1990s. However, deep cuts in the city’s budget are threatening the brigade. The mounted cops are united to carry on their...

Western down under

It’s one of the most dangerous jobs that exist. In northern Australia, at the commands of helicopters, planes, buggies and bikes, men and women put their lives on the line to gather up herds. They maneuver in river beds and around trees, pursuing wild bulls who have never seen humans... They call it "mustering". It’s dangerous, spectacular - and a crash or a fatal goring is always a risk. At the heart of the Australian bush, almost 200 miles from the nearest town, we follow life at Warrawagine Station during this intense period. Three generations of the Mills family and their young employees reign over a property the size of a small State. During five...