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A journey into the heart of the Bordeaux vineyards: tradition meets modernity

The Bordeaux vineyards are the very image of French good taste and life style and they export throughout the world. How was the reputation of this unique wine-producing area built up over the passage of time? Who are the men and women who embody the elite among wines, the famous grands crus classés? What are the issues that they have to face for the future? To discover this world apart, this documentary sets out on a journey through time, from Eleanor of Aquitaine and her marriage, the moment when Bordeaux wines took wing across the seas, to the future where drones and satellites present a new face of the Bordeaux region. The film also visits winegrowers...

Tonga, a Kingdom at the crossroads

Lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, midway between New Caledonia and French Polynesia, a string of islands stretches out over nearly 500 km: Tonga. Kings and queens have succeeded one another ever since antiquity in this country that has overcome many a challenge: avoiding colonization, preserving its language and its traditions and introducing a constitutional monarchy as early as the 19th century. We discover a remarkable people, with a younger generation, living in the age of the Internet, torn between respect for its customs and the desire for elsewhere.

Legendary roads

Due to their particular history and amazing surrounding landscapes, some roads have become myths in their own right. They inspire dreams of adventure, of wide open spaces, of the world’s end. Each year, French thrill-seekers take to these mythical roads to experience unforgettable journeys with their families or friends. From France to Argentina, via the Himalayas, we discover three of these legendary roads... And three different ways to take to the road!