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Number of episodes: 20
Episode's length: 20x26'
Directors: Sarah Carpentier, Herlé Jouon, Pierre Goetschel, Vincent Pérazio, Pascal Vasselin, Gil Kébaïli & Éric Michaud
Producer: Grand Angle Productions
Coproducers: ARTE
Language: French & English
Copyright: 2016 - 2017

A 20x26' documentary series.

The fruit of a long history, of a natural environment and of the labors of those for whom it is a passion, each vineyard tells the tale of a unique civilization. Worldwide Wine Civilizations is an exceptional documentary series devoted to exploring winemaking regions around the globe. In addition to delving into a region’s wine production, each episode will also explore local history, its architecture, art, science, techniques, and a host of other subjects. Worldwide Wine Civilizations will feature breathtaking 4k aerial cinematography of the world’s most picturesque winemaking regions. With each episode, the spectator will be plunged into the heart of a winemaking civilization in Europe, South America, North America, Asia, and Polynesia. This series will take viewers on a voyage through time and space, seeking out and discovering past and present civilizations, exploring their grandiose natural environments and their complex and multifaceted cultures. GAD presents Spain: Lanzarote, the wine of the volcanoes.

Argentina, an oasis at the foot of the Andes

In Mendoza, in Argentina, a miracle has been going on since the 19th century: a miracle that turns the snows of the Andes Cordillera into wine! Because in the greatest oasis in America, the vines only exist because of a unique system for sharing the waters from the melting of the snows of the glaciers of the Andes Cordillera. By using a network of more than 4,000 kilometers of canals that irrigate this entire dry region, Mendoza produces 95% of Argentina’s grapes and the country has risen to 5th place in the ranks of world wine producers. With global warming and the melting of the glaciers, the vast vineyards of Mendoza are now under threat and have to...

France : the hidden treasures of Champagne

The ultimate symbol of festivity and luxury, champagne was created more than two centuries ago in the East of France. We invite you to relive this epic winegrowing adventure by taking a unique journey through the most northerly vines and cellars of France. We shall walk in the footsteps of a famous monk, Dom Perignon, who, according to legend, was the inventor of this sparkling wine. We shall reveal the secret of the bubbles thanks to research carried out by a scientist passionate about the mysteries of this prestigious wine. We shall also explore the bowels of the city of Reims to discover a veritable treasure trove: 300 kms of underground networks...

Spain : Lanzarote, the wine of the volcanoes

Off the coast of Africa the Spanish island of Lanzarote has turned disaster into miracle. Volcanoes had laid it waste, but its inhabitants brought fresh life from the ashes. They dug hundreds of tiny craters in the black sand to grow vines. A landscape that is unique in the world and instantly recognizable from all others.

The Vines of Santorini, Legacy of Antiquity (Greece)

On the island of Santorini, the pearl of the Cyclades in Greece, a vine with a surprising shape has been thriving for thousands of years. It grows on the crust of ash from the volcano’s eruption 3,500 years ago and is still one of the few plants that can withstand the poverty of the soil and the violent winds from the sea. The vine grows along the ground and winegrowers weave it like baskets or nests in order to protect the precious grape. The vine stocks have exceptionally long lives and this is the only vineyard that completley survived phylloxera because of its volcanic soil. Today, this vineyard, one of the oldest in the world, still keeps the...

Vines of the Western Conquest (USA)

Concentrated on a land of conquest, the Napa Valley region lies one hour from San Francisco. In the space of several years it has become the very center of prestige winegrowing in the United States, a promised land for the most ambitious and the wealthiest and one of the foremost winegrowing regions in the world. The spirit of the great American conquests rules over the domains. Mastering the land, high tech and the image all contribute to the creation of a winemaking that is in constant evolution and makes the United States the fourth largest wine producer in the world.