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Number of episodes: 20
Episode's length: 20x26'
Directors: Sarah Carpentier, Herlé Jouon, Pierre Goetschel, Vincent Pérazio, Pascal Vasselin, Gil Kébaïli & Éric Michaud
Producer: Grand Angle Productions
Coproducers: ARTE
Language: French & English
Copyright: 2016 - 2017

A 20x26' documentary series.

The fruit of a long history, of a natural environment and of the labors of those for whom it is a passion, each vineyard tells the tale of a unique civilization. Worldwide Wine Civilizations is an exceptional documentary series devoted to exploring winemaking regions around the globe. In addition to delving into a region’s wine production, each episode will also explore local history, its architecture, art, science, techniques, and a host of other subjects. Worldwide Wine Civilizations will feature breathtaking 4k aerial cinematography of the world’s most picturesque winemaking regions. With each episode, the spectator will be plunged into the heart of a winemaking civilization in Europe, South America, North America, Asia, and Polynesia. This series will take viewers on a voyage through time and space, seeking out and discovering past and present civilizations, exploring their grandiose natural environments and their complex and multifaceted cultures. GAD presents Spain: Lanzarote, the wine of the volcanoes.

Italy: Prosecco, another story of Venice

Some 50 miles north of Venice, between the towns of Conegliano and Valdobbidadene, the foothills of the Dolomites form the heart of the Prosecco. A fine vineyard with steep slopes, the homeland of the wine that has conquered the world. Its huge commercial success is recent, almost instantaneous, but it is based upon a wine growing tradition that dates back for centuries. Prosecco has become the emblem of a region that, for centuries, people have proudly called the “marca gioiosa”, the joyful region. A name and a land that is written into the rich history of Venetian wine making.

Portugal: the conquerors of the Douro valley

In a way they are both gold diggers and rock breakers… the winegrowers of the Douro are the only ones who have delved the secrets of Port wine, a symbol of Portugal throughout the world. For 2000 years, here and there along the more favorably exposed banks of this great river, men have laid out and planted vines on its steep, schist slopes. Portuguese winegrowers learned to live in this rocky, desert-like world and with the power of their arms they transformed it: the arid hillsides gave way to vast, pleasantly curving vineyards. We walk in the footsteps of Joao De Almeida, a vineyard owner from a long line of producers originating in the city of Porto. He...

Canada, The wine of the great lakes

The city of Vancouver, in the far west of Canada is the gateway to British Columbia. A gigantic state that stretches over majestic landscapes. 400 km from the Pacific Coast, beyond the snow-capped peaks and the deep volcanic canyons, lies the Okanagan valley, a land full of contrast and riches that extends along the fertile shores of a string of lakes, the biggest of which is more than 300 km long. Despite the late entry into the story of winemaking, the growers here have rapidly benefited from all the magic of this faraway place, this oasis that is unique in North America.

China: a Revolution in the vines

One country could soon be turning the world of wine upside down: China. The best Chinese wine producers are determined to amaze wine lovers and put their bottles on the tables of the entire world. A visit to China’s terroirs where this revolution is fermenting, where a new élite of wine growers is emerging and where a businessman is creating no less than 300 chateaux.

Bordeaux, a vineyard over time

The Bordeaux vineyard presents a strange paradox: despite the omnipresence of water, land that is unwelcoming to the vine and a damp climate, people have been developing an expertise over thousands of years that has allowed them to turn these natural handicaps into advantages. In this film, which takes us along the Garonne River from the estuary to the south of the Gironde, we discover what has made this vineyard the most famous in the world.