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Carlos Saura's Flamenco Hoy

After selling out at the New York City Center for two weeks, the Flamenco Hoy show returns to Spain for one performance at the San Sebastian Kursaal. Carlos Saura (mutliple winner at Cannes and Berlin, amongst others) has gathered the rising generation of flamenco performers to create an exceptional show. Accompanied by composer Chano Dominguez on the piano and some twenty outstanding musicians and dancers, Saura, the master, takes us on a dreamlike tour of the peninsula, from Malaga to Grenada, from Madrid to Seville, mixing tradition with modernity. The irrefutable proof of the immense vitality of flamenco.

Cigala and Tango : Gran Rex

Cigala is the new, uncontested king of a thousand-year old, nomadic race, but he is also a character right out of a Kusturica film, always ready to sing and provide us with a moment of joy. As if he’d arrived in his gypsy caravan, Diego set down in Argentina with his family and his musicians in order to prepare and give form to this major epic, this handful of songs that “el Zorzal de Lavapies” had brought along in his luggage. This film relives the concert/event given at the Gran Rex theatre in Buenos Aires (a veritable temple to Tango) to celebrate the release of the disc Cigala and Tango. Accompanied by Nestor Marconi on bandoneon and Juanjo Dominguez on...