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Length: 51'
Directors: Matias BASSO
Producer: Hope Production, Dream Fight
Coproducers: TBC, Phoenix, NRK
Language: English
Format: HD
Country of Production: France
Copyright: 2016
Inside IS

Jürgen Todenhöfer was the first and only Western reporter to enter IS territory and come out alive. After 10 days inside IS with his son, they returned with their heads in place, many stories to tell and the -mostly unreleased- footage of their journey.

A year later the book on their trip is a major best seller and much has happened from the European perspective, as terrorists from the EU have killed many innocent people in the name of IS.

In Paris, the place of the attacks that left 130 dead, Dr Jürgen narrates his journey to Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, a leading American Muslim scholar who helps him understand the group, providing a voice of sanity from a traditional understanding of Islam, which represents all the major scholars and the overwhelming majority of the Muslims World.