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Nature & Environment

Green Paris

A big vegetable garden at the foot of the Eiffel tower, a nature zone where once there were train tracks, a primary forest and a savannah in Vincennes and in Boulogne’s woods architecture and plants blend perfectly. Paris reveals its surprising green areas. This path of discovery is full of surprises. Who would have thought it possible to grow lettuce on rooftops in Paris’s chic neighborhoods? Yet this is one of the harvests from the garden of a prestige hotel next to the Eiffel Tower. This garden is highly domesticated, unlike the wild environment created on the former train line circling Paris with its wild fig trees and small wildlife. This...

Nature's invaders

The damage caused by invasive species in New Caledonia is now reaching dramatic proportions: deer, ants and cats are wreaking havoc with its biodiversity. Even when tiny, like the little fire ant, they are able not only to destroy specimens that are unique in the world but also bring turmoil to human lives. Scientists even believe that these clandestine varieties are responsible for the sixth extinction crisis.

The Fury of the Sea

At sea a storm represents the height of danger, and the most sublime of spectacles. But how can you capture the features of a phenomenon that by definition cannot be captured? By meeting those who have experienced it, fought it or even sought it. With three Vendée Globe skippers as our guides, this film takes us into the heart of the Gulf of Gascony, to South Africa, where mysterious freak waves occur, to the Southern Ocean so feared by mariners and to the United States where some even dive into the heart of hurricanes. Golden Twins Prize winner of the 7th FILMAR of Hendaye

Ice-mad on the Saint-Lawrence

The St Lawrence River is one of the most dangerous maritime routes to navigate on the planet. During the winter months, the Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker plows endlessly up and down between the Atlantic and Montreal to clear a passage for cargo ships. For three months we followed the daily lives of the crews of the Amundsen, one of Canada’s biggest icebreakers. The task of its crew is to free cargo ships trapped in the ice. However, the St Lawrence is not just a vital artery for the economy of Quebec, it also provides a formidable, open freedom for those who live along its banks. So our crew ventured onto the ice field together with some of those who are...

The Sandman (Canada: profitable oil sands)

In the North of Canada, the Indian land is now the home to the largest industrial project in the world: the exploitation of the tar sands, the new oil. Multinationals now draw nearly two million barrels a day, five million by 2030. But the ecological cost of extraction is so prohibitive that opponents rise up. The production of a barrel of crude from Alberta is ten times more energy intensive than a conventional barrel. This pollution threatens the major climate agreements of the planet. Canada even had to leave the Kyoto Protocol to extract its tar sands. In the heart of the boreal forest, the Indians find their land ransacked by the oil industry