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Nicola Cruz at Sónar Festival 2016Back to the list

Length: 53'
Directors: Fabrice Castanier
Producer: Les films Jack Fébus
Coproducers: France Télévisions / Culturebox
Language: Live Concert
Format: HD
Country of Production: Ecuador
Copyright: 2016
Nicola Cruz at Sónar Festival 2016

The work of Nicola Cruz follows a clear line, deriving its inspiration from his native land: the Andes Cordillera (Crus lives and works in Quito). He takes nourishment from the landscapes, the folklore and characteristic sounds of the Cordillera and the Amazon Forest, which he has skillfully incorporated into seductive electronic sounds in his first album Prendar el Alma, presented on stage at the Sónar Hall.


Crus began his career as a percussionist before quickly succumbing to a passion for electronic music. His music is an original mix of traditions and technologies, which inspire both the exploration of wide open spaces and intimate, personal introspection.