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Number of episodes: 2
Episode's length: 4x52'
Directors: Herlé Jouon, Véronique Préault, Pascal Vasselin
Producer: Antipode
Coproducers: France Télévisions
Language: French & English
Copyright: 2017-2018

The Australian outback, the Vanuatu archipelago, the Discovery Islands of British Columbia and the Amazonian forest of Bolivia: there are places on our planet where the roads stop and the trains don’t go.

Our heroes are preachers, mailmen, emergency doctors and, above all, pilots. They carry on their professions in one of these territories at the ends of the earth. We discover these regions that are so difficult to access, that only the airplane can reveal, through the daily work of those whose are living an adventure, in close proximity to nature.

Doctor Mark to the rescue

Lying to the north of the Vanuatu archipelago in the South Pacific, the Banks Islands are literally cut off from the world. Whenever there’s a medical emergency, the 9,000 inhabitants of the Banks have only Doctor Mark Turbull and his orange cuckoo to rely on. The sole doctor for hundreds of miles around, he is the only one who can land on the unlikely and dangerous airstrips of these tiny volcanic islands. Some days, despite changeable weather conditions, he may visit four or five different islands to look at teeth, deliver mothers or even operate on people under general anesthetic on the bare ground of the tropical forest.

Emergency Flight in the Bolivian Amazon

Ivo Daniel Velasquez is an anonymous hero. At the controls of his plane¾sometimes a tiny Cessna, sometimes a twin-engine Piper¾he defies the quite extraordinary flying conditions of Bolivia to come to the assistance of the most remote communities in the country. Whenever, Ivo lands his plane on the most unlikely airstrips, from the Andes and the Altiplano to Amazonia, for these communities he represents a vital link with the rest of the world. He doesn’t make a big deal about it, but, without him, the Aymara Indian woman having a difficult labor, the Quechua driver injured in an accident on dangerous road in the Andes or the Tsimane child bitten by a...