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Polynesia: A vine in the middle of the pacificBack to the list

Length: 26'
Directors: Sarah Carpentier
Producer: Grand Angle Production
Coproducers: ARTE
Language: English & French
Format: 4K
Country of Production: France
Copyright: 2016
Polynesia: A vine in the middle of the pacific

On a desert island of the Rangiroa atoll, in the Polynesian archipelago of Tuamotu, an astonishing vineyard has taken root. In the heart of these tropical lands where the coconut palm is king, just a stone’s throw from the lagoon and the vast ocean, the vine extends its golden clusters on a terroir of coral bordered by crystal-clear waters.


Behind this impossible gamble is one man with his crazy dreams. Supported by a talented young wine expert and a team of motivated Tahitians, Tahitian wine has seen the light of day. Through grafting, defying a climate and a soil with extreme conditions, a type of vine has succeeded in resisting the elements. Against all expectations, the alchemy happened. Today, we can even find these famous bottles on the packed tables of Farerei Haga, the Archipelago’s festival of traditional activities.