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Social issues / Human interest

Maids: Docile and Invisible, a Story on Domestic Worker

In Asia and in the Middle East, in the privacy of families that can act with impunity, over fifteen million housekeepers are victims of slavery: exploited at will, abused, and sometimes raped, these invisible women are the sacrificed workers of the global economy. States, institutions, middlemen... no one is interested in change, despite a smouldering spirit of revolt.

Women of the Mountains

In Nepal, a country sandwiched between China, Tibet and India, women are still considered second-class citizens. However, three sisters are determined to make a difference and challenge conventions. Lucky, Nicky and Dicky Chhetri refuse to live by their home country’s sexist traditions and buckle under the weight of its customs. Founders of the association Empowering Women of Nepal, the Chhetris devote their time to improving living conditions for Nepalese women, helping them develop the necessary skills to take control of their lives and promoting gender equality. Femmes des montagnes delves into the lives of three sisters and their work with Nepalese...

Sainte Jeanne of Lestonnac - Or die or act

Jeanne de Lestonnac (1556-1640), member of the XVIth Century French nobility, niece of famous Humanist writer Michel de Montaigne and mother of five, one day decided to give it all up and fulfill the dream of her youth. She became the founder of the first female religious order devoted to education to be approved by the Church. For more than 4 hundred years her work has been spreading across the whole world. This film compares the life of Jeanne de Lestonnac and her founding ideas of the XVIIth Century with the current reality of the work of the Company of Mary Our Lady in various parts of the world. The film offers journeys. The first is a journey across...

Body Language

What is the connection between the smile of the Mona Lisa and the behaviour of a terrorist? Discover the secrets of nonverbal behaviour in Body Language, as experts in the USA, Canada and Europe pioneer the use of new technology to decipher our unconscious messages. Our body, which can decode another person’s state of mind in a flash, is a powerful radar and a non-stop transmitter that we cannot totally control. Body Language reveals new discoveries that have wide ranging impacts on our personal lives and on the society we live in.

Corrupt African Presidents: End of impunity?

They are the new nabobs: African oil tycoons spend hundreds of millions of euros to quench their thirst for luxury. Mansions, jewels, high-end cars, there is nothing beyond their reach. But the money they spend is not theirs: they divert oil wealth at the expense of their peoples, who remain in an appalling state of underdevelopment. Brought before the French courts after a complaint from an NGO, some of their personal property has been seized by judges before whom they refuse to appear, but the noose is tightening. An exceptional document consisting of a three-year investigation in France, USA and Africa, with a focus on Théodorin Obiang in Equatorial...