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SOS Vessel in Distress! Back to the list

Number of episodes: 1
Episode's length: 8x52'
Directors: Herlé Jouon, Vincent Perazio & Antoine Laura
Producer: Grand Angle Productions
Coproducers: RMC Découverte
Language: French & English
Copyright: Updating

SOS is the ultimate cry for help from a vessel in distress… Naval ships, supposedly unsinkable ships, abandoned crews, ecological disasters, unexplained disappearances, abysses and wrecks still hold many a mystery within their bosoms…

Years later, investigations are reopened with the discovery of fresh elements. Thanks to the latest investigatory technology and with the help of the finest archeologists, historians and naval engineers, investigators will decode the circumstances behind these disasters and finally reveal their true stories… 


Tragedy in deep waters

In naval annals, the sinking of submarines often remains a mystery. In the 20th century, two disasters have caused much ink to flow: the disappearance of the French submarine Vendémiaire in 1912 and the loss in 1942 of the U171, a German submarine that sank after setting off a mine. Trapped in their steel hull, the crews take the mystery of the accidents with them, so it is very difficult to know the real story of these incidents at sea. But when the wrecks of these warships are discovered, underwater archeologists and historians can finally tell the story of these lost crews. These two stories are an opportunity to discover the daily lives of these bold...