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The Cancan, back in ChinaBack to the list

Length: 60''
Directors: Antoine Laura
Producer: Grand Angle Productions
Coproducers: TF1
Language: French & English
Format: HD
Country of Production: France
Copyright: 2015
The Cancan, back in China

The tiny Ange Bleu/Blue Angel troupe from Gauriaguet, a small village in the Bordeaux area, is setting out once again for a three-month tour of the most far-flung provinces of China. Five years after their first Chinese tour, a fresh challenge awaits them. For Pathy, Artistic Director of the Ange Bleu, everything has to be organized at the last minute because the contract with the Chinese has only just been signed. In a few weeks they have to create the costumes, rehearse and adapt their show to the requirements of the Chinese. However, the real adventure will only begin in China. Will the sets built over there fit the design requests? How will the censure committee react when faced with the “charm” of the costumes? Will the troupe be able to cope with the stress and this new adventure packed with surprises?