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The Fury of the SeaBack to the list

Length: 88'
Directors: Nicolas CENNAC & Jérôme MIGNARD
Producer: Antipode
Coproducers: France Télévisions
Language: French & English
Format: HD
Country of Production: France
Copyright: 2013
The Fury of the Sea

At sea a storm represents the height of danger, and the most sublime of spectacles. But how can you capture the features of a phenomenon that by definition cannot be captured? By meeting those who have experienced it, fought it or even sought it.

With three Vendée Globe skippers as our guides, this film takes us into the heart of the Gulf of Gascony, to South Africa, where mysterious freak waves occur, to the Southern Ocean so feared by mariners and to the United States where some even dive into the heart of hurricanes.


Golden Twins Prize winner of the 7th FILMAR of Hendaye