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Length: 61'
Directors: Tommy Pascal
Producer: Les Films Jack Fébus
Coproducers: ARTE & M_Media
Language: Live
Format: HD
Country of Production: France
Copyright: 2015

“A man has been abandoned by God and all the saints. He finds himself on stage lost in a minefield and he questions himself and the world around him. As he struggles with his thoughts, he decides to build a platform from which he can address the people. The Old King is an attempt to discover a man’s thoughts and how he positions himself in regard to society. A man searching for a sure identity able to explain his reason for being, a man who observes society, who feels the need to act and to express a sort of collective behavior.” That is the argument of this production in which the authors urge the spectator never to give up, to “take decisions, be brave, celebrate the Creation and existence”, as Miguel Moreira emphasizes. 

The Ballets C de la B is a troupe created in 1984 by Alain Patel. Over time it has adopted a structure as a working platform that brings together several choreographers. The Ballets C de la B has always striven to bring artists working in different disciplines and from different backgrounds into their dynamic creative process.


Created by Miguel Moreira

Created and performed by Romeu Runa

Music: Pedro Carneiro 

Costumes: Dino Alves

Lighting: Joao Garcia Miguel

Assistant to the director: Catarina Felix 

Coaching: Alain Platel 

Technician: Carlo Bourguignon



In collaboration with Sandra Rosado, Jorge Rosado