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The Summit of Ultimate Challenge

The massif of Mont-Blanc, the roof of Europe: a fascinating terrain, but raw, where every action performed by those who are drawn there is a brush with the limit. Whether they are crystal hunters, wingsuiters, scientists or glaciologists, exercising their activities demands the highest vigilance, the control of every movement. These extraordinary and fascinating characters guide us over the changing features of this untamed mineral world where the wildest of challenges are faced every day.

Crossing the Alps : 621 Km Non Stop

The Alpine Crossing: 621 kilometers travelled, 40,000 meters climbed. An extraordinary challenge that trailer Pascal Blanc decided to set himself at the age of 50. His goal: establish the record for the crossing via the mythic GR5 trail. From the shores of Lake Leman to the gateway to the Mediterranean, Pascal Blanc and his friends live out the most incredible human and sporting adventure of their lives. “621 KM NON STOP” presents the portrait of a special sort of man driven by an iron will as it relates the story of a massive achievement against the magnificent backdrop of the Alps.

The Cancan, back in China

The tiny Ange Bleu/Blue Angel troupe from Gauriaguet, a small village in the Bordeaux area, is setting out once again for a three-month tour of the most far-flung provinces of China. Five years after their first Chinese tour, a fresh challenge awaits them. For Pathy, Artistic Director of the Ange Bleu, everything has to be organized at the last minute because the contract with the Chinese has only just been signed. In a few weeks they have to create the costumes, rehearse and adapt their show to the requirements of the Chinese. However, the real adventure will only begin in China. Will the sets built over there fit the design requests? How will the censure...

Chamonix: a sensational summer

Every summer, more than 20,000 climbers tackle the Mont Blanc. Whether they are from France or elsewhere, these hiking and climbing enthusiasts sometimes take ill-considered risks to overcome the highest peak in the Alps. Despite a well known, accessible trail and the presence of mountain guides constantly keeping an eye on tourists, danger is everywhere. Falls, accidents, cold, storm... A base-jumper accustomed to high-flying jumps, Roch Malnuit selects the highest rock faces from which to jump into the void in his wingsuit. His new challenge is an exceptional jump over the Mont Blanc, from a helicopter. Finally, the film reveals the secrets of Chamonix,...

4 Seasons in Roissy Charles de Gaulle

With take-offs and landings every 90 seconds and its 100 000 employees, Roissy-Charles de Gaulle is France's first airport. This incredible machinery dreads bad surprises that seasons bring. In the spring, the hundreds acres of long grass and the passing of thousands of migratory birds are a real danger for airplanes. In his 4x4, Gérard scares the wild birds away with his shotgun. During the summer when the runways are under construction and the air traffic is at its peak : watch out for the traffic jam. However in the control tower, Cyril has nerves of steel. In autumn, storms, slippery leaves and birds are a cause of concerns. But Fabrice is cleaning the...