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What future for the oyster? Back to the list

Length: 51'
Directors: Hervé Corbière & Alex Gary
Producer: Grand angle productions
Coproducers: France télévisions
Language: French & English
Format: HD
Country of Production: France
Copyright: 2015
What future for the oyster?

50, 70, and sometimes as much as 80% of the oysters produced in France never see the customers’ plates… and why? The mollusks have experienced an incredible mortality rate over recent years… A mystery ailment is decimating them and damaging an entire profession… It’s a veritable massacre that began in 2008, when a new oyster made its appearance: the Triploid.

This is a creation of man… An oyster of the future that grows twice as fast as its natural fellow… However, since its introduction, the mortality rate has hit increasing highs. So, has the Formula 1 version of the oyster a link with this carnage? Is it climate change or the emergence of some new virus? Are we the last generation to taste natural oysters? An investigation into a disaster that nothing seems able to halt…