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Yoghurt, as pure as snow?Back to the list

Length: 51'
Directors: Frédéric Jacovlev
Producer: Antipode
Coproducers: France Télévisions
Language: French & English
Format: HD
Country of Production: France
Copyright: 2014
Yoghurt, as pure as snow?

There was a time when yoghurt was white and natural. A time when there was only one yoghurt… That time has gone with the arrival of mass consumption and the overriding need for originality The list is too long to mention them all: bifudus, farm, Greek, Bulgarian, brewed, fruit, soya, organic, flavoured yoghurts, etc. An investigation into the dessert business where brands compete to outdo each other in imagination in order to get a bigger slice of the cake.

So what are the hidden elements that go into yogurt? Fermented milk, certainly, but also a lot more. Artificial flavors and colorants, milk powder, starch… all ingredients that are found in most of these little pots… with labels that are often a mystery… Is yogurt really good for health? Are there any differences between brands? We investigate the biggest market in the French food industry.