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Youssoupha Boma Yé Return to KinshasaBack to the list

Length: 53'
Directors: Fabrice Castanier
Producer: Les Films Jack Fébus
Coproducers: France O
Language: French
Format: HD
Country of Production: France
Copyright: 2014
Youssoupha Boma Yé  Return to Kinshasa

What goes through the mind of an artist just one hour before he steps on stage to perform a concert that has enormous significance for him?

Stress, tension and doubts turn this moment into an intense and unique instant that encourages introspection and self-examination…

On June 1st, Youssoupha was returning to the Congo to give his first concert in Kinshasa, where he was born in 1979, and which he had to leave at the age of 10… This is the film’s point of departure.

This documentary turns the spotlight on French rap artist Youssoupha, filmed during the unique moment of his return to the capital, Kinshasa.

It’s an intimate journey tracing his childhood, his family, and also his failings: his mother, who died in the Congo just after he left and whom he never saw again… a look back at his career, at rap, at Mohamed Ali, at Africa, at being black… and finally at his father, the famous Congolese rumba singer, Tabu Ley Rochereau, who passed last October.

A return to the roots at a decisive moment in his career, which has rocketed in France ever since the release of his album Noir Désir/Black Desire, in early 2012…